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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bible Trivia - Genesis 1

Greetings to all and may the blessings of the Lord fall upon you!!!

This category or sub-part of our page has almost always been empty all the time, and we really feel sorry for this gap. However today with the help of God, we prepared something interesting for you. We intend to make you test yourselves and discover how much you know about our Father in the Heavens and about His Holy Word which is all contained in what we usually call the Holy Bible.  The quizzes will be held in an order that follows the order of books in the Holy Bible. So today we start with the book of Genesis, take a pencil and a sheet of paper to write down your answers, do not cheat! You can check the answers in your Bible when you are done, or wait for the answers to be given a day after we posted the quizzes. Be blessed!!!!


1- In which verse of the book of Genesis do we see this sentence: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"

     A-Verse 3
     B-Verse 1
     C-Verse 2
     D-None of the previous answers is correct

2- How was the earth looking according to Gen 1:2?

     A-There was no earth in the beginning
     B-The earth was void, and without form
     C-The earth was without life and in darkness
     D-the earth was without form, and void

3-What does "And God said...and there was/and it was so..." in Gen 1:3 reveal to you?

     A-That God can't speak
     B-That His Word is powerful
     C-That God is Faithful to His Word
     D-That all was made by the Word 
     E-None of the above ones is correct.

4-How many times can we see "And God said" in Gen 1?

   A- 7 times
   B- 6 times
   C- 0 time
   D- 9 times

5-What was the first thing to be created? Gen 1:3

   A- Firmament
   B- Darkness and light
   C- Light and the moon
   D- Light or Day

6- Which creation(s) go(es) with which day?

   A- Living creatures on earth, Human being                    1- Third day
   B- God rested                                                             2- Fifth day
   C- The Firmament or Heavens                                      3- First day
   D- Living creatures in the air and in the waters              4- Second day
   E- The Earth, Seas, grass, fruit tree                              5- Fourth day
   F-  Day and Night                                                        6- Seventh day
   G- The moon, sun and the stars                                    7- Sixth day


7-How many verses do we find in Gen 1?

   A- 10
   B- 23
   C- 31
   D-None of the answer is correct (give your answer)

8-Which were the first creatures to be blessed?

   A-Human beings
   B-Living creatures in the air and waters
   C-Living creatures on earth
   D- None of the above

9-What were the beasts of the field and flying creatures supposed to feed with?

   A-Meat and every herb bearing seed
   B-every green herb for meat
   C-Meat and herb

10-What was human beings supposed to feed with

   C-every herb bearing seed and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree           yielding seed